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The text and Video based  tutorial that covers introduction and usage of Access 2003
This tutorial is by Richard Holowczak. This tutorial is designed to get the user up and running with MS Access (henceforth simply "Access") in a rapid fashion. The four basic modules of Access are demonstrated: Tables, Forms, Reports and Queries. A business example is discussed first which provides a background for developing a simple database.
This site provides lessons, examples, and links on how to use and explore MS Access.
This provides a quick introduction to Microsoft Access.
This Microsoft Access tutorial is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn how to use Microsoft Access. It assumes a basic understanding of databases and how they work.

This tutorial is from MySQL. I explains who to migrate  Access database to MySQL database.
This tutorial provides a solid foundation for understanding Access XP databases. It will teach you how to use and maintain information in a simple database
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2003
This tutorial is prepared by University of Texas and it is designed for people who are new to Access.
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