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This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of Ajax and show you how to send and receive data from a server without using a "Submit" button approach
Ajax Tutorial XML Training and Ajax XML Application development tutorial and Ajax Javascript.
AJAX, the standard to build dynamic website, client-side. How to build an AJAX page.
This article guides you through the AJAX basics and gives you two simple hands-on examples to get you started.

Collection of Ajax tuorials
The purpose of this tutorial is to explain, step-by-step, how to create an AJAX desktop/homepage.
Click here for DHTMLgoodies.com, a site with DHTML and Ajax scripts, demos and tutorials
This tutorial will walk you through writing a simple Ajax program to drag and drop a box effortlessly anywhere in the Window.
This page contains an overview of AJAX with several vote examples. The code used is described.
Ajax programming tutorials for newbies.
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