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  Windows XP Tutorials

This tutorial provides a basic understanding of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. Topics include the desktop, parts of the window, moving and sizing windows, My Documents and My Computer, files, folders and drives, and using the Help and Support Center.

A very good introductory tutorial of Windows XP.
Windows XP tutorial from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
This is from Microsoft. It show how to do various function in Windows XP.
Windows XP tech tips from  Ball state University
Various How to dos in Windows XP
Here are some helpful articles on using Movie Maker 2.
Accessibility tutorials on adjusting accessibility options and using accessibility utilities in Windows XP. Instructions are provided for both mouse and keyboard implementation.
Welcome to our Windows XP tutorial, the tutorial is aimed at new Windows XP users that are unfamiliar with the operating system, in this first part of the tutorial we will have a look at the Desktop, introduce you to icons and the taskbar.
File encryption with the Windows XP Encrypted File System (EFS)
Tutorial, Usage, Security, and Trouble-Shooting.
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